Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Class,New Friends!

F3p1 is my new class :)

From left : Fitriah,nabila,ziqah,fadhillah,izham,fafa,nuon,pah,lion and me :)

p/s : ade lg, missing in action! hehe.

Best kawan ngn korang :)

Back to KMK!

Senior year ~

This time im going for register back to my college without my mother.

Its only my dad and I.

Really tired when picked all my baggage into my room.

But i missed my last sem room!!

This year im not only moved to new room but another block.

Mujur la bkn sye sorang sje! hee ~

And..I had my new roomate!

There's only me as a senior in my room.

Adik2 sye Teha, Huda and Mira.

Dlm blik tue sumer laen2 ngeri,kedah,tganu,perak and of course png! hehe.

On that evening,kteorng ade riadah. Aiii dh jd senior pn kne pgi jgk ke? hee~

This year,bju koko wrne kuning n purple.

iLOVE the yellow one!!

tyme riadah kt astaka :)

Same col with our blocks. Ahakx!

But KMK totally diff,you know what i mean :)