Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tundukkan Playboy Itu :p

Assalamualaikum and Hai :)

So currently,I'm still on tanam-anggur-yang-sangat-berjaya. Quiet boring but I can learn and do anything that I want. Basically, I just practiced and learnt on my cooking skills :D So far from my mum's comment was like 70% HAHA. 30% lagi tu biasa la time you take to complete your dishes and the taste. I just cook while my father was not around because he only want my mum punya masakan. Well,mum's cook is da BOOM!

Actually this post is not about cooking. As I mentioned just now,I can do whatever I want since I'm not working anymore. So I have lots of free time and sure I can focus on drama on the week days. Yeayy! Now, the malay drama on TV is " Tundukkan Playboy Itu". Even the title quite cliche' but nice to watch. Suddenly its remind me to my cousin,my uncle always nagging to him :

Uncle : "Duan ni banyak betol kawan perempuan dia. Sat bawak mai hat macam pramugari la, sat bawak mai cam anak mak arab la. Mana satu dia mau tak tau. Tapi satg nak kawen p cari anak dara hat kayuh beskat (basikal) mini dekat kampung."

"Tapi satg nak kawen p cari anak dara hat kayuh beskat (basikal) mini dekat kampung." ni memang bahahahaaha. Pandai acik buat ayat naa :p

So back to the topic,the malay drama. Nowadays, I noticed that the film's director want to show something like Islamic practices. It is a good idea and we also noticed that many artist/singer already wear hijab. Alhamdulillah even they wearing the hijab in style but at least they got 'hidayah' to wear it. Better late than never rite? So in this drama, the main character which is the heroin named Nurin was a girl that wearing hijab,good in her career and of cause beautiful! Last time episode showed that after they attend the meeting,there is someone Dato'-i-forgot-his-name want to shake hand with Nurin but she avoid it with smiled. Nice and polite action actually especially during that moment of cause we will feel like nervous and all those things rite. I know she is just berlakon jaa but what if happen to us mesti mcm eh aku nk salam ke tak eh,dah dia orang kenamaan and bla bla bla.

So in this post I would like to share my experienced. But firstly I want to say that Im not a perfect human,Im not have many religious knowledge even my parent had teach me but sometimes we as a teenagers not following 100% and sometimes there is moment that bring us to think all these things. Dulu waktu kecik-kecik kita dengan sepupu kita memang rapat kan tak kira lelaki mahupun perempuan,main sekali,makan sekali,mandi sekali. Bila sampai tahap remaja pun rapat jugak tapi xda la mandi sekali tu haa. haha. So bila hari raya ni macam tak ambik berat sangat bab-bab salam tangan ni. Sampai satu masa,my mom asked me not to shake hand with my cousins which is yang lelaki la and she also asked me to wear hijab during they was around. Honestly, I admit it is hard for me to practice it. Tetiba kau akan dengar ayat macam ni :

" Hang dah pasaipa nak pakai tudung tengah-tengah dok tengok TV ni?"

"Hang tak panaih ka dok pakai tudung ja dari tadi?"

" Kak shila botak eh dok pakai tudung jaa."

"Tak payah nak alim sangat la sepupu ja pun."

Okay. Do you know what i feel? I cried to my mom but she keep support me. And paling tak best bila hari raya nak salam. Kadang-kadang tu aku buat busy lari sana lari sini kononnya nak lari dari sepupu lelaki daripada bersalaman. Paling payah sepupu lelaki yang jauh tua dari hg,yg hg betol-betol hormat dia. And sometimes tengah dok cari jalan nak lari p mana tiba-tiba haa muncul depan-depan sambil sua tangan OMG nak buat apa ni? Nak cakap tak leh salam macam over plak. Hmm hmm nasib time tu pakai shawl agak labuh so I covered that shawl with my hands and shake hand with him but still I feel shy. I do know why even I practice a RIGHT doing/action in our religious. Macam-macam tomahan jugak la aku dapat dari sepupu aku tapi masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri. And thanks to my mom la yang keep support me doing this. Sometimes bagi setengah orang nampak benda-benda camni mudah saja and sometimes jugak ada yang fikir tak alim mana pun tapi nak practice jugak. Yea I know I also not good in covering aurah,pakaian aku pun xda la muslimah mana pun as long as my parent allow me to wear it. Im still on learning and please for those yang tgk bila someone nak berubah ke arah lebih baik even it is just a little please do not condemn them. Do you know what they feel? I hope everyone in this world take a chance to be a better muslim :) Sometimes you faced difficulties not because you are doing wrong but because you are doing something RIGHT. Isn't?

There is something I would like to share here and also for me as well.

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